Pointlet - Business Consulting Partner

  • Complete Portfolio
    We offer a full range of management consulting, systems integration and managed services tailored to the unique needs of each of the industries in which we have deep expertise.
  • Changing Agent - for dynamic companies
    We help organizations to transform their business, providing pertinent advice on strategy and supporting the organization in executing that strategy.

Our Services

Pointlet is specialized
in delivering unique, robust services that span the operational breadth of an organization. Pointlet possesses and use a deep inventory of departmental and industry methodologies and best practices that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the client.

Our consultants are experts and certified in methodologies like: SixSigma Black Belt, Business Analyst, Security Management, Project Management, Business Architecture by wheel know organizations. Pointlet offering services include:
Process Management - Reengineering - Improvement
Lean Manufacturing - SixSigma Performance
Finance and Controlling
Contract Management and Procurement
Human Capital Management
Service Management
Content and Records Management
Business Intelligence
Our commitment to our clients' needs is to build long-term, trusting and loyal relationship.

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Company Solutions

Pointlet provides a full range of solutions that help our clients streamline operational performance and improve shareholder value. Pointlet’s solution offerings include:

  • Management Consulting
    Delivering innovative solutions in business planning, process improvement and strategic visioning.
  • System Integrations
    Implementing solutions packaged for a wide range of business needs.
  • Managed Services
    Provide long-term support of Business & IT Services to ensure business continuity and operational performance.
More Solutions

"Give a me a point to stand and I'll move the Earth" - Achimede of Syracuse

Well, our mission is to be that point for our clients!


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